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Happy to introduce myself Ramya Loganathan, a civil engineer by profession, have around 9 years of working experience in the same field.. After marriage, had to leave my job to take care of my family and now transformed to a complete homemaker which I love to be…Happy to introduce my family, Gopinath, my husband, he s also a civil engineer by profession, and passionate about photography… I have two beautiful sons, first one Iniyan, 6 years old and second is still residing in my womb and yet to meet this world in next two months…

Am a passionate cooking enthusiast, own a youtube cooking channel, Taste of South India, which is all about healthy and mindful cooking… My father is my inspiration when it comes to healthy lifestyle… Healthy cooking have always been my passion, and am glad to share the kitchen space with you all.. Please do walk in to my channel to find delicious range of healthy and traditional dishes from South Indian Cuisine..

When it comes to mindful cooking, a complete & conscious awareness is required right from choosing ingredients, cooking methods, choosing right cooking vessels and most importantly being happy while cooking….. This is when I came across, Bhagya Cookwares.. Being a big fan of Mudpot and cast iron cookwares, was very happy to know about Bhagya, a local manufacturer of cast iron cookwares with international standards and quality.. My search for a good quality budget friendly cast iron pans, skillets and grill pans ended here with Bhagya Cookwares… I have posted so many recipes made with bhagya cookwares in my channel.. Completely satisfied with the pans and skillets.. My sincere thanks and wishes to the Bhagya team… Let’s support local manufacturers and build a healthy India… Happy cooking…

With Love

Ramya Loganathan