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About us

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Welcome to Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware

Bhagya, derived from the word SowBhagya which means Prosperity in both Sanskrit and Tamil equally. At Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware we sincerely aim to bring about this Prosperity in your family health by enriching your cooking experience & enhancing the quality of food that you cook for your family.


Co-Founder & Production Manager

In-House Foundry

Babu Engineering Foundry

Our in-house, state-of-the-art foundry guarantees consistent product quality. Every product is pre-seasoned and tested before being released into the market. This ensures that every product you buy from Bhagya Cast Iron is already non-stick in nature. With very little effort put into re-seasoning, the pans can be maintained non-stick, lifelong.

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Co-Founder & Production Manager


Customer Support Manager