How to Re-Season our Products ?

Hi, folks here comes my first blog. Bhagya is making me do a lot of new things every day and blogging is the latest in line: -)

The first question we get when we talk about Bhagya to anyone aware of the basics of Cast Iron Cookware is

  • “How do you season it ?”  
  • “How do we re-season again it in case needed” 
  • & “some of my friends also ask “Can you do it again when we need it ?”

Initially, we wanted to do a Video to demonstrate it, it that has been dragging on for so long, That’s when we realized that there is so much fantastic and good Videos on this topic already done and available on YouTube and why not re-use it.

In our search, we shortlisted quite a few videos and one especially matches closely with my thought process. It is from blogger Prasanthy @

She’s doing an amazing job out there and with her Permission, we use her video to demonstrate the Seasoning Process of Cast Iron Cookware. The best thing about her Video is she demonstrates it for a Dosa Tawa (which in my opinion is the most difficult exam to pass : -) )  and eventually she ends up making a couple of dosa on the Video itself – all in 5 minutes 41 seconds.

Thank you Prashanthy for allowing us to use your Video.

What is detailed in our Instruction Manual (The 5 Step Seasoning) is almost the same

And to all our Customers, When Bhagya Cookware reaches your hands it is already seasoned. We have done all this for you. You can start cooking right away, Just be generous with oil for first 2 to 3 times. Though not mandatory, It is just as a Best Practice that we recommend you to do a round of Seasoning before you start cookingAnd here I finish my first blog 🙂 . I will continue to write on cooking with Cast Iron Cookware and my experiences at Bhagya. Thank you all !!!

-by Mahesh Priya,
Posted on 04-August-2018

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