Our Photoshoot – done the Simple & Natural way

Another first for me, a product photoshoot. Our very own for Bhagya.

I have heard quite a bit about Food Product Photoshoots earlier. Most of the Milk Product advertisements we see on TV and where we see thick milk flowing is not actually Milk. It is just pure Paint and that is how you get the thick liquid and this replicates for almost every other Food Product Advertisement that we see all around. There are tons of articles on internet which talk about this click

So when we decided to do a photoshoot the first thing that we decided was too simple & natural. We will not showcase anything that that our products cannot do and we will not do any artificial tinkering around. We just don’t want to fake anything around.

The photoshoot team was just Babu’s colleagues at SHLOK, Praveen, Dinesh, Nazeer, Myself and of course Ramkumar and Nazeer who helped us with all the pre-preparation and purchases. Thanks to Premalatha Akka, we used her Kitchen for the Photoshoot I always liked Prema Akka’s Kitchen for its simplicity and practicality. And Periyamma for helping us all around inspite of all the commotion we created in the Kitchen.

The photoshoot Itself was more time taking than we thought. We thought we would cover all our 6 products in one shoot, but it took almost 4-5 hours just for us to cover two of our Products, so we have to go there again in a week or two to cover the remaining products. Dinesh is indeed a Professional, he calls himself an Amateur but his pictures demonstrate the Pro that he is. The Ideas and Conceptualization were entirely that of Praveen including the garnishing of the dish.

First it was the 12 inch Dosa Tawa , we exhaused an hour and a quater of the gas cylinder & also almost destroyed the Seasoning of that tawa fully in trying to catch the water vapour that emanates from a hot tawa :- ). But in the end, it is indeed a fabulous picture. Now with the seasoning of 12 inch almost destroyed when we had to do the dosa we had to do it only on the 9.5 inch tawa. We did it and the Crispy dosa is what you see here. It is just real – nothing changed or enhanced. Next time we will repeat it on the 12 inch for bigger dosa

Then it was time for the Skillet. After the picture of just the Product, Praveen’s idea was to cook a simple Paneer dish and this is what you see. The picture with Onions, tomatoes and Capsicum being fried looks just awesome, if we had managed to bring some Red Capsicums it would have been even more wonderful..next time. The picture looks so professional enough that we are discussing if we post in Shutter Stock for Sales:-). Though we did not – for lack of time – let it fry really well, the paneer dish was just awesome. If we had let it fry really well the cast iron makes the sides of paneer so Crispy that texture of Panner – very difficult in any other cookware except cast iron

We have uploaded a Picture of a grilled fish for the Cast Iron Grill Pan. The credit of that picture goes to one of our customers, It was a just a casual picture that he took and he has passed it on. We thought it was it was just fabulous to have it one of our Product Pictures

So now you know the history of the photos on our Website as well as Amazon. Just simple and Natural.

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