A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”

Bhagya Cookware – The Trusted Name rolling out in cookware section in Amazon nowadays started with an intention mainly to showcase how quality and customer satisfaction needs to be showcased. Medieval methods are best and yes, of course, CAST IRON is something that pops to your mind as soon as one thinks of healthy cooking experience. Being experienced in the field of cast iron cookware, we at bhagya follow stringent Quality Control as we manufacture them at our own facility. If one could ask how durable the product is, we could answer you with a smile over face stating “GENERATIONS”.

The Focus was completely over the customer satisfaction which we achieved a milestone with our 5star rated 100th review. Understanding the need and getting to know the experience is the best prospect of being in customer support and I do personally handle issues and it’s an immense pleasure when the end customer or I could call Bhagya Family Member claims that the food they made came out delicious and it’s a bliss when they would love to have another model of our variety. Assisting customer who come across our product and they do ask doubts in regards with first time usage which has left me to make a video cover on usage and care for cast iron cookware which is uploaded in our website. Delighting a Customer makes feel happy and also at end of the day it’s a personal satisfaction I get is impeccable.

Amazon as a platform has connected many of our beloved customers to our Bhagya Family and we are proud of our customer who takes efforts and shares their open feedback and appreciates us when we follow the issue and update the same to them in a timely fashion. It’s a bliss to see us reaching over a hundred reviews and it’s a blessing we are grown this far. We here at bhagya thank all of our customers wholeheartedly where they stand as a backbone to our entire journey. Centurions…. It’s Time for us to rejoice together and take it forward to a Millennium!!!

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