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Naturally Non-Stick! This would probably seem the best word to describe cast iron cookware. For, some claim it to be delicate, while others say it’s tough. Some say it’s perfect for cooking, while some otherwise. Well, what exactly is cast iron cookware all about then?

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Descent Size and Neatly Casted Skillet

The product is heavy as expected and appears to be durable, should you use & maintain it as required. Seasoning at home over the pre-seasoning from factory gave me a much better shiny coat and deeper black colour. This skillet is good value for money, retains heat well, neatly Casted and would be an asset to every kitchen.

Sharan Prashand

Best indigenous cast iron skillet

As an avid user of cast iron cooking impediments, my lookout for a best quality indian made skillet ends here. Using bhagya cast iron skillet to match for my paleo diet routine, looking for a deep skillet from them. It's absolute value for money.


Don't buy for lodge iron cast fry pan. Best product bhagya. Blindly go for it.

Wow super product. Don't Buy for lodge cast pan poor quality. Before i'm purchase in lodge irom pan. I received the damage pan broken handle.so But bhagya pan is good quality and better price to lodge iron pan. And bhagya pan is made from india so go for it guys. I received today bhagya iron pan good condition and safety very well package. I'm so happy to say. One word this product Thankyou. For the manufacture.


Amazing.. happy with the product. Will soon review after using it

Just received the product today... amazing packing.. timely delivery.. with warranty card duly signed for 1 yr warranty.. happy to see "make in india" product in INTERNATIONAL STANDARD... so excited to start using it.. was searching for a pan since 3 yrs but all products were highly priced (more than 3000rs) like lodge pans since they had to come from US... now our own india is giving this product in international standard but affordable indian price.. my suggestion GO FOR IT... !!! STOP international companies from looting money frm india as much as possible..

Amazon Customer

Got Right Product

I understand the Castiorn cooking advantages after so many studies from YouTube. I found impressive after cooking of country chicken in very short time because of cast iorn cookware helping to expose the heat in consistently.Its helped to get the food with right colour and with core cooking and the real traditional taste.Normally country chicken has to boil in cooker more time. I thank Bhagya team to sending me the right product with propper seasoning.


Super and worthy buy

I am in love with my cast iron grill pan. It is pre-seasoned and worthy of the money I payed. It was neatly packed and delivered on time. Best grill pan. It will be my companion for a lifetime. Whatever foods I grilled on it was so tastily cooked. The whole pan gets hot especially the handle. So we have to make sure not to touch handle with bare hands. I just turn it opposite side and never use the handle. So weight of the pan can be reduced by eliminating the handle I felt. Also it will be good if you can manufacture smaller sized grill pans too. But so far its my best buy on Amazon. Thank you.



Its just as expected,its preseasoned very well food doesnt stick,and cast iron is the best material for cookware its very healthy ,unlike nonstick coated cookware which is toxic and dont last long. cast iron wares lasts for generations ,only thing is you have to maintain it and keep it well seasoned,care should be taken while washing dont keep it submerged in water.its only a small price considering health benefits.

Amazon Customer

Worth buying...

It's value for money. We should have this in our kitchen.

Amar Nath Roy

Good grill pan

Just today got the grill pan. My first impression is the manufacturer has to greatly improve the casting process as I see minor defects in casting which you can notice when you see edges. The pre-seasoning they did is sticky and stinky, I think because of the oil they used and not perfect. I will update the review after using it. Changing from 2 * to 4 after first use.


Great tava

Awsome tava...thank u so mucb Bhagya feeling very “bhagyashali” to find u. Love you Amazon. First doaa itself came out so nice came out bh itself. Really awsome. I am going to buy it for all in the family and also goingto buy all Bhagya products.

Manali Agarwal

Low flame cooking is the key for a nonsticky cast iron tawa..

Great product. Received as described. I am beginner in cooking. Dosa was sticking to pan initially. After a lot of failed attempts, I removed all existing seasonings with a sandpaper. Then reseasoned as per the video url in the pamphlet. Then also i failed. THEN i learnt that heating the tawa in sim heat(low flame) for 7 MINUTES (will prevent cold spots & spreads heat uniformly) before the first dosa will help. IT WORKS!!! Subsequent dosas come nicely too!!!Slow increase in temperature is the key..

Beginner Level